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Irene Corey

Irene Corey

Borrego Springs, CA


Irene Corey grew up in Ohio and graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio with a degree in education and a minor in art. She taught school in Ohio for 10 years but moved to Guadalajara, Mexico where she developed an appreciation for Mexican folk arts. This led her to a career as owner and proprietor of Latin American import stores in Coronado, California. Since selling the business in 1981, Irene has been renovating homes for resale in San Diego,CA; Sedona, AZ.; San Miguel Allende, Mex.; Hudson, Ohio; Idyllwild, CA. and recently Warner Springs, CA. Please email comments or requests to:

Through the years she has continued to paint and win awards in juried shows, museums and galleries including:
Butler Art Institute, Youngstown, Ohio
Canton Art Institute. Canton, Ohio
Baker-Little Gallery San Diego, CA
San Diego Art Institute San Diego, CA
Better World Gallery, San Diego, CA
Sedona Arts Center, Sedona, AZ
Galeria Atenea, San Miguel Allende, Mex
Charles Mayer Studios, Akron, Ohio
Cuyahoga Valley Art Center, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Duncan Gallery, Hudson, Ohio
EOS Gallery, Redlands, CA
Skye Gallery, Idyllwild, CA
Riverside County Administration Center, Riverside, CA
Palm Desert Visitors Center, Palm Desert, CA
Four Corners Gallery, Idyllwild, CA
Lily Rock Gallery, Idyllwild, CA
Faux Ever After, Idyllwild, CA
OB People's Market, Ocean Beach CA
Cigar Magazine Summer 2010
San Diego Art Department, San Diego, CA
Gallery 4311, San Diego Hospice Center, San Diego, CA
Sophie's Gallery, El Cajon, CA
Borrego Institute of Art, Borrego Springs, CA


Another Country Heard From by Irene Corey


LADIES' DAY by Irene Corey


RED PEPPER by Irene Corey


DAILY BREAD by Irene Corey


GREAT GRAPES by Irene Corey


CHABLIS TO BE by Irene Corey


Chew Mail Pouch by Irene Corey


Cabbage and Doodles by Irene Corey


La Guitarrista 30x40 In. by Irene Corey


Los Vecinos by Irene Corey


Still Life Oak Creek Harvest by Irene Corey


Lemons by Irene Corey


La Estancia by Irene Corey


Sky Over Sawtooth Mountain by Irene Corey


New Day by Irene Corey


Walking The Dog On A Sunny Afternoon by Irene Corey


Walking The Dog At Dawn by Irene Corey


Walking The Dog After The Rain by Irene Corey


Switchbacks by Irene Corey


Late Afternoon Over The Tetons by Irene Corey


From The Mountains To The Prairies by Irene Corey


Who Am I by Irene Corey


Be Flexible by Irene Corey


Al Norte by Irene Corey


Agave by Irene Corey


Two Boscs 24x30 by Irene Corey